19 mins ago

    Amid winter storm Elpis, 9 kids suffer CO poisoning from coal burnt to heat homes

    The Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba said Friday morning that nine children suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from charcoal grills…
    2 hours ago

    Tireless triage: How Israeli community medicine prevents Omicron swamping system

    There has never been illness in Israel on such a scale. With 1 in 20 citizens currently confirmed infected with…
    4 hours ago

    Omicron wave appears to slow, but experts warn serious cases could still rise

    Health officials reportedly believe the Omicron wave in Israel is on the downswing, but that the number of patients in…
    4 hours ago

    Teachers union head undeterred by backlash for strike call over nixing of isolation

    Awaiting a final court decision after an injunction was issued Thursday blocking a planned teacher’s strike in protest of new…
    8 hours ago

    Tail end of storm to bring heavy rain, threats of flood to south, more snow in north

    Heavy rains were forcest for much of central and southern Israel on Friday, with warnings of possible floods in southern…




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