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US sanctions alleged international network funding Daesh

The United States has imposed sanctions on an alleged international network of financial facilitators for Daesh, with a stated aim to cut off funds for the terror group and combat child trafficking.

In a statement released yesterday by the US Department of the Treasury, it accused five individuals – reportedly working across Indonesia, Turkey, and Syria – of conducting financial transfers for Daesh to support its efforts, and of helping Daesh recruits and members travel to Syria and other areas of operation.

Brian Nelson, the Treasury’s Under-Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in the statement that the network collects funds in Indonesia and Turkey, “some of which were used to pay for smuggling children out of the camps and delivering them to Daesh foreign fighters as potential recruits”.

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The sanctions – which freeze any of the individuals’ US assets and prevent Americans from dealing with them – targeted Dwi Dahlia Susanti, Rudi Heryadi, Ari Kardian, Muhammad Dandi Adhiguna, and Dini Ramadhani.

Nelson stressed in the statement that “The United States, as part of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, is committed to denying ISIS the ability to raise and move funds across multiple jurisdictions”.

In recent years, the US Treasury and intelligence agencies throughout Europe and the world have increased their efforts to crack down on any potential avenues of funding to Daesh and other militant groups, including funding conducted through more novel methods such as cryptocurrencies.

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