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This stage requires ‘decisive and strategic decisions’

In a statement commenting on the Israeli aggression at Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral, Head of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Ismail Haniyeh announced: “This stage requires decisive and strategic decisions.”

Haniyeh added, “we will continue our resistance,” stressing that Palestinians “will win this battle against the brutal occupier.”

The top Hamas leader also called on the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to: “Withdraw its recognition of the occupation entity, abolish the Oslo Accords and adopt the option of comprehensive confrontation.”

Haniyeh said: “The Zionist entity that fears the funeral of our martyr who sought to reveal the truth and fears raising the flag of Palestine will not be able to remain on our land.

“Just as the martyr Shireen Abu Akleh revealed the occupation’s crimes during her life, today, at her funeral, she revealed the brutality of this entity once again.”

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Haniyeh also expressed: “The refugee camp of Jenin proved how the option of comprehensive confrontation is the best, and it showed the ability of our Palestinian people to resist the occupation and its coward soldiers.”

Concluding his statement, Haniyeh urged: “We call for the speedy formation of a unified field command to lead the confrontation with the occupation.”

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