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The Price is Too High

Jews have always been open-minded, liberal and free thinking. Every major social movement in the modern era was either founded by or had Jews contributing massively to its creation. This of course is often used to attack Jews by laying blame at their feet for any excesses of these movements. Of course being Human movements, these movements are often guilty of horrific things. Communism and socialism? Well, all the bad things those movements ever did, were obviously, because Jews. Capitalism and Corporatism? Obviously, because Jews. This is what the Jew-haters would have you believe. If they are leftwing Jew-haters, they will say Jews created Capitalism and Corporatism, and if they are right wing Jew-haters, then obviously the Jews created Socialism and Communism. Jews can’t win either way.

In the 50’s and most of the way through the 60’s, the Jews were still accepted if not loved by the left, so many Jews became extremely left-leaning. They wanted so badly to believe that the left really meant what it said about equality, but suddenly, in the late 60’s, Jews were persona non grata among the western Liberal left and it’s only gotten worse. Why is that?

How did a group of people who survived the Shoah, who regained control of their ancestral homeland while actually being HUMANE to the colonizers who they dispossessed, suddenly become the enemy of the left in such a massive way? How did people who were at the forefront of the civil rights movement, who have always stood for equality as a marginalized minority themselves, suddenly become “white” and “the enemy”?

How did the “Palestians” whose entire identity is either stolen, falsified or flat out invented, become the darling of liberals when their leadership is completely motivated by hatred, espouses genocide, and extreme religious intolerance? People who have huge problems with honor killing, who literally throw homosexuals off roofs, who treat animals horrifically, who openly celebrate the murder of children, are somehow the side we are supposed to side with? Why?

I believe it’s simple – somehow the people who violently colonized the Middle East, who do not believe in equality of any sort, who openly state that their belief is that eventually they will dominate the entire planet, somehow recast themselves as victims.

Jews as a group have never really bought into the victimhood paradigm. When White people denied them access to hospitals, they educated their own doctors, created their own hospitals and were so successful that often the White people started going to the “Jewish hospitals”.

When the “Ivy league” denied Jews and put quotas on them, they simply started attending other schools and through simple determination and hard work, showed that the idea of elite schools means nothing when compared to elite students.

In the 1950’s, when the image of the starving concentration camp Jew was the main image, and when the pictures of Jews being humiliated by Nazis and other European antisemites were fresh, people didn’t respect Jews. They pitied them, and because Jews were seen as the ultimate victims, the left didn’t hate on them. Their survival in 1947 was so unprecedented that it sort of shocked people. 

In the 1960’s, the Jews showed that 1947 was no fluke, that a small committed country that understood its national survival meant the survival of its people, could fight off massive odds and win. Suddenly, after the Six Day War, Israel despite being less than 1 percent of the land mass, despite having a population less than a tenth of its neighbors, ceased being an underdog. Instead of images of Jews being humiliated and dominated, the images associated with Jews became those of power: tanks, fighter jets, and Israelis in uniform.

Meanwhile, Arabs who had been ascendant in the region since the 7th century, had descended into poverty and ignorance. The Islamic golden age of scientific enlightenment was long past and replaced by squalor and ignorance. So the western perception of the Muslim world was that they were “poor brown people who need saving.”

Somehow, the “Palestinians” became a tiny minority who were victimized and the Jews became the majority who bullied and victimized them. It almost beggars belief: a group who literally are 1/100th of the population, who control less than 1 percent of the landmass, who make no claims to any lands that they cannot 100 percent verify historically and through science, are somehow imperialists and colonizers while speaking the same language they spoke three thousand years ago. At the same time, the people who speak a foreign language from another land, who follow a religion created in another land and who literally self-identify as a people from another land, are said to be “indigenous”.

All this is to explain my point, that Jews could easily become darlings of the left again – you just have to let the Arabs destroy your country, rendering you helpless victims again. If you were helpless victims and unable to protect yourselves, then the left would embrace you again. It would reinforce their entire victimhood paradigm that victims never win and must be coddled and protected rather than empowered. This is why they generally support indigenous struggles except in the Middle East – because indigenous people are seen as victims, not as survivors. They want you to be dhimmis, living in ghettos and reliant on their benevolence. The price is too high.

I started writing about this stuff and speaking about it because I believe that the price is too high for us too. They want my people to support former colonizers simply because they are portrayed as victims. They think we are incapable of paying attention. Their support comes at a cost: they demand our obeisance, and they require our participation in the demonization of another indigenous people – one who actually achieved all that we want for our own people.


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Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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