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PFB holds 6th annual Iftar in London

More than a thousand people gathered on Saturday for the sixth annual iftar hosted by the Palestine Forum in Britain (PFB). Members of Britain’s Muslim and Arab communities were in attendance as well as various pro-Palestine supporters.

The PFB’s annual Iftar is a social, religious and cultural occasion where Palestinian families convene during the blessed month of Ramadan.

During this year’s programme, donations were collected for housing reconstruction projects in Jordan’s Palestinian refugee camps.

Guests were catered to a special dish prepared by renowned chef from Gaza City, Abu Julia.

Later in the evening, attendees partook in a Kahoots family competition for prizes of airline tickets donated by the Royal Jordanian Airlines.

In the end, the participants performed Tarawih prayers behind the well-known Egyptian Quran reciter, Sheikh Muhammad Jibril.

PFB President Zaher Birawi, said the annual Iftar offers Palestinians an opportunity to affirm their belonging to the homeland. Equally, it’s an occasion to express support for the steadfast people in the occupied lands, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate the unity of the Palestinian nation.

PFB’s vice president, Adnan Hmidan, highlighted his organisation’s efforts to coordinate with distinguished charities to support Palestinian refugee communities in Jordan. More than £40,000 were collected within minutes for housing projects in Jordan’s 13 refugee camps.

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