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Palestinians will shatter ‘enemy’s dreams of sovereignty over Jerusalem’

The Palestinian people will shatter their “enemy’s delusions and dreams of sovereignty over Jerusalem,” member of Hamas’ Political Bureau Ezzt Al-Resheq said yesterday.

“The image that the enemy is giving itself regarding sovereignty over Jerusalem, is the same that exposes its delusions and proves its fragility,” Al-Resheq said in a statement.

“The Palestinian people will dispel the enemy’s delusions and dreams of sovereignty over occupied city of Jerusalem.”

The senior Hamas leader continued: “This image proves to the world that the Israeli occupation government, army and settlers are nothing more than thieves, and they cannot raise their flag without the protection of thousands of heavily-armed soldiers.”

Concluding his statement, he said: “The flag of the pirates is a piece of cloth that does not have any meaning. It bears a delusion and dream which will be shattered soon. However, the Palestine flag will remain high in the sky of Jerusalem – the capital of Palestine.”

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