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Palestinians in Latin America condemn Israeli desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinians across Latin America have condemned the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque by illegal Jewish settlers as well as “continuous Israeli crimes and violations” against the people of occupied Palestine, Quds Press reported on Tuesday.

“It is the duty of the Palestinian communities in Latin America and the Caribbean to condemn the carnage being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians every day,” said Rafael Masri, the head of the Confederation of Palestinian Communities in Latin America (COPLAC). He insisted that the “criminal occupation and the apartheid regime” established by Israel in occupied Palestine, including Jerusalem, must be exposed.

“It is impossible to have double standards in the criteria for classifying human rights abuses at the time that the whole world is condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine which started in February, while the Palestinians have been under Israeli occupation for 74 years and the international community has done nothing,” Masri pointed out. “The world must not accept what is happening in Palestine as something natural and remain silent regarding the continuous violations and suppression of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.”

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He called for the international community to take up its responsibility for stopping Israeli aggression. Moreover, he called on Latin American governments to suspend mutual agreements with Israel which apparently condone the crimes of the settler-colonial state.

As part of a week of solidarity with the Palestinians, football fans of Club Deportivo Palestino in Chile drew the flag of Palestine in the middle of Dignity Square in the capital, Santiago. They also carried placards declaring that this solidarity was “From Dignity Square in Santiago to occupied Jerusalem”.

Meanwhile, Palestinian civil society groups in Brazil organised a photo gallery where they displayed pictures illustrating Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and Jerusalem.

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