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Palestinians Falsely Claim Terrorist Ghufran Warasneh Was a Journalist

Yesterday, a palestinian Arab by the name of Ghufran Warasneh was shot by IDF soldiers after an apparent attempted stabbing.

Besides ignoring the fact she was armed with a knife, the haters claimed she was a journalist, in what seems to be a transparent attempt to further exploit the recent death of Shireen Abu Aqleh.

Even UN Palestinian Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese parroted this (tweet since deleted):

In fact, when the haters initially reported her death, there was no mention of her being a journalist:

That’s because she wasn’t actually one.

As mentioned, she was a “security detainee”, at least as recently as a few week ago:

The claim is she just got a job as a news presenter and was on her way to her first day of work:

“Ghufran had applied for a job as a news presenter at our radio two weeks ago,” Talab Jaabari, director and program producer at Dream Radio in Hebron told The New Arab.

“She went through some qualification tests and was hired and today [Wednesday] was her first day of work,” Jaabari pointed out. “We were waiting for her to be the first to go on air as our new voice, but instead we received the news of her killing.”

I guess that knife she was brandishing was to cut her sandwiches?

Thanks to Uri and Michal for info contained in this post.

Update: This footage of her apparently being a journalist has circulated around palestinian Arab social media:

Not sure how this reconciles with their claim she was on her way to her first day of work, but perhaps this was part of a “screen test” or just her being a ‘citizen journalist.’

None of this makes her an actual journalist. And even if she was, she was shot attempting a stabbing, not reporting the news.

Update: The haters cannot keep their story straight. Middle East Eye claims it was her third day of work.

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