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Palestinian Arab Writer Mariam Barghouti: We Have Homophobia Problem, But Israel is Bad

Last week, gay East Jerusalem singer-songwriter Bashar Murad – who also hates Israel – had his concert in Ramallah for the LGBTQ community called off following threats from some of his ‘tolerant’ brethren (I previously mentioned it in this post).

Enter palestinian Arab-American writer Mariam Barghouti, who responded by admitting they have a homophobia issue but – believe it or not – decried the reporting of this incident as “pink-washing”:

If you read the original report, it simply sticks to the facts as to what occurred. Nothing was distorted by Israeli-Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh. There are no “undertones” showcasing Israel as a “counter civilization.” The fact she felt such undertones is probably a reflection of her own subconscious admission that Israel is actually a counter civilization – one where freedoms exist, which do not exist in palestinian Arab society. She knows what happened in Ramallah would not happen in Israel.

The entire idea of their society being criticized by others as “pinkwashing” or a way to “weaponize” against them is an entirely ridiculous argument. As is her supposed desire to “create kinder and more just” communities in “Palestine” – given she supports the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel.

Funny how she does not seem to have written about this issue in Arabic to her brethren.

Meanwhile, her Twitter account has since been taken down. I wonder if it is because she received negative, even threatening, reactions for her pro-LGBTQ stance.

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