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Palestinian anger as Israel celebrates ‘Independence Day’ in Bahrain

Three hundred official and private figures participated in an Israeli celebration in the Bahraini capital on Thursday, on the occasion of the establishment of the Israeli occupation state, considered by Israelis as “Independence Day”. It is the first Israeli celebration of this occasion in a Gulf country amid profound Palestinian anger and resentment.

Israel’s Kan channel reported that it was the first time that the Israeli Embassy in Manama held a party marking the 74th anniversary of the so-called Israeli Independence Day, attended by over 300 guests representing all branches of government and private sectors in Bahrain.

In turn, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs published photos and videos on Twitter of a reception held by the Israeli Embassy in the Bahraini capital, Manama, to celebrate the occasion.

The Israeli Embassy in Bahrain posted pictures of the ceremony, stating: “For the first time, the Israeli embassy in Manama held a traditional ceremony on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel. The ceremony was attended by more than 300 guests representing all branches of government and private sectors in Bahrain. We look forward to more meetings aimed at strengthening relations between the two countries.”

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The celebration held in Bahrain was met with grave Palestinian discontent, as Palestinians expressed their astonishment at a celebration held in a Gulf state on the occasion of the Palestinian Nakba.

What the Israelis call Independence Day, and consider a national day, is the Nakba Day for Palestinians, marking the result of the displacement that Palestinians have suffered at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

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