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Palestinian ambassador highlights media inconsistency over Ukraine and Palestine

The international media is praising Ukrainians for taking up arms against the occupation of their country, while describing Palestinians who defend themselves against an occupying power as terrorists, the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom said yesterday.

Highlighting media inconsistency over Ukraine and occupied Palestine, Dr Husam Zomlot told CNN that a “series of international sanctions have been imposed on Russia within weeks, while the Palestinians have been suffering for 74 years of colonisation, military occupation and killings.” Zomlot added that, in the context of occupied Palestine, “The media only focuses on any attacks against Israelis.”

He pointed out that the situation in Ukraine had proved what he described as the “selectivity of the international community.” The Palestinians, the diplomat said, are “sick and tired of double standards and hypocrisy,” even when they adopt a policy of “non-violence”.

Zomlot called for the media to understand that the main reason for the recent escalations in occupied Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities is the “Israeli occupation”.

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