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MK calls for equal opportunities for Arab trainee lawyers at Israel Supreme Court

Israeli-Arab MK Aida Touma-Suleiman has called for ensuring adequate representation of Arab trainee lawyers at the Israeli Supreme Court, Ma’an News Agency reported on Monday.

This came in a letter that Touma-Suleiman sent to Chief Justice of Israeli Supreme Court Esther Hayut, pointing her attention to data published by Haaretz showing that one out of 74 trainee lawyers came from Arab or poor communities.

Touma-Suleiman also wrote to Hayut that the lack of plurality and equality, mainly in the judicial system intended to implement equality: “Is unacceptable and must be reviewed.”

She added: “The judicial system was turned into a closed club that does not represent the plurality of the society it is supposed to serve. This is a worrying issue.”

The MK continued: “Closing the doors of the Supreme Court in the faces of Arab and poor trainee lawyers undermines developing their professional abilities and this deepens inequality in the labour market.”

She stressed in her letter the importance of reviewing policies to ensure that all groups and communities have equal opportunities regarding training within the judicial system.

Concluding her letter, Touma-Suleiman called on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to immediately work on a plan to remove obstacles facing trainees from Arab and poor communities and offer equal opportunities for all.

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