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Jew-Hater Alison Chabloz Back in Jail

Remember Jew-hater Alison Chabloz, the revolting “musician” whose only talent seems to be landing herself in jail for posting antisemitic songs?

To paraphrase a song by someone way more talented, oops she did it again!

The notorious antisemite Alison Chabloz has been sentenced to jail today once again, after being found guilty of a communications offence following action by Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Last week’s two-day trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court concerned a video of the scene in the classic Oliver Twist film when Fagin, a fictitious Jewish criminal (a character that has come under significant criticism over the past century for its antisemitic depiction), is explaining to his newest recruit how his legion of children followers pick pockets. Ms Chabloz uploaded the video and sings an accompanying song of her own about how Jews are greedy, “grift” for “shekels” and cheat on their taxes.

The video appeared to be either a bizarre fundraising effort for her mounting legal costs due to numerous charges she has faced, including several ongoing prosecutions in which Campaign Against Antisemitism has provided evidence, or an attempt at mockery of Campaign Against Antisemitism for pursuing her in the courts.

At court, Ms Chabloz tried to suggest that the video was part of a personal quarrel and that her racism is directed not at “Jews” but at “Zionists”. She expressed scepticism about the facts of the Holocaust on the stand, and replicated a racist Quennelle gesture, which she has performed in the past. She rather insightfully observed that “antisemitism is not a crime. If it was, the prisons would be full.”

Summing up, Judge Nina Tempia said that the defendant “was making up evidence” as she went along, and she did not accept Ms Chabloz’s claim that her song was about the controversial activist Tommy Robinson, describing that suggestion as “ludicrous”. Instead, Judge Tempia said, “I have not doubt” that the song related to Jews. She further noted that, given Ms Chabloz’s previous convictions, she “knew exactly what she was doing” and that she had a propensity to commit these types of offences.

The prosecution asked the court to take into account that the whole Jewish community was a victim in this crime and that Ms Chabloz had an incomplete report of her previous sentences.

Sentencing Ms Chabloz today, Judge Tempia reiterated her comments of last Friday and sentenced Ms Chabloz to 22 weeks’ custody – because the matter is, Judge Tempia said, “so serious” – of which she will serve half and then be under post-sentence supervision. She has also been ordered to pay £1,058 in costs by 30th September. She will not have bail pending any appeal.

I am beginning to think Chabloz actually wants to live in jail. As I posted in the past, she has been jobless since 2014 and was forced to move into the home of her parents, before they kicked her out. And it seems from her own blog that she enjoys her new accommodation:

During the prolongation of my sentence following Appeal last August, I was happily left alone. I read, drew, painted and, once a day, sang my way around the exercise yard. Yes, I entertained on more than one occasion, with Caught Covid From the Cat and Anything Goes being the two favourites most often requested.

Artists’ materials are available to buy from the canteen, but they are of mediocre quality. My simple, pencil drawings from my first incarceration are more successful than my attempts at painting with something resembling a Play Skool paint-by-numbers kit; sketch pad and brush not much better. Picture postcards are great to receive, if you enjoy painting. The end result remains a personal reminder of the sender. Also, the prison kitchen supplies plenty of fruit, ideal for practising still life and, if oranges are available, juggling.

Speaking of prison food, perhaps the best, funniest and proudest moment was after I had composed a poem about the choice of breakfast menu. I worked on the rhyme over two or three days, wrote it out neatly and, during association, read it out loud to my wing-mates. One character immediately ran down the landing, returning with an envelope “To The Governor”, scribbled a message that the response should be read out on the wing and, just as energetically, ran back to the letter box to post my poem..

Three days later and every morning from thereon jam was served, with breakfast, and throughout the entire prison. Sweet!

* “The Pod” is a large console, a kind of giant iPad on each Spur, where prisoners can order items from the canteen, choose the daily menu and make requests.

To quote another musician way more talented, she is hideousness personified.

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