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Israel’s surveillance balloon crashes in Gaza

The Palestinian resistance in Gaza announced on Friday that it had shot down an Israeli military surveillance balloon in the Gaza Strip, while the Israeli army reported that it had crashed for unknown reasons.

According to eyewitnesses, the balloon landed in the city of Beit Hanoun, north of the occupied Gaza Strip, and was seized by the Palestinian resistance.

Israeli military officials told Israeli media that the balloon was not shot down but disconnected from its anchor, The Times of Israel disclosed.

While the Palestinian resistance has not yet spoken about the intelligence value of the balloon, Israeli army officials have stated that there are no fears of a “significant” information breach.

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However, according to The Times of Israel, the Israeli army indicated that the Palestinian resistance might be able to obtain some intelligence.

It is worth noting that the Israeli occupation forces fired warning bullets near the area where the balloon crashed to prevent anyone from approaching it.

Quds Press reported that Israeli tanks and military vehicles moved from their positions toward the Gaza Strip, but Palestinian media quickly collected the balloon.

The balloon was equipped with various sensors and cameras, including a Speed A camera, 360-degree cameras, three advanced thermal cameras, a fog camera, a camera that takes pictures from a distance of 40 kilometres and a complete observation system.

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