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Israeli settlers attack Palestinian harvesters in West Bank

According to the report, the attackers threw stones at the family, and after some of them successfully escaped, the attackers then reached the 50-year-old mother of the family and sprayed pepper spray at her face. They then threw stones at the family’s car as well as another car that was in the area, and then ran away.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of taking part in the attack.

Yesh Din said that since the beginning of the month, they had recorded 17 harvest-related incidents, out of which three involved attacks against the harvesters at the hands of Israelis. There were reportedly an additional five incidents of olive trees being cut or burned down and seven cases in which Israelis allegedly stole harvest from Palestinians.

 Israelis attack Palestinians in Yasuf. (credit: Courtesy) Israelis attack Palestinians in Yasuf. (credit: Courtesy)

Defense Minister Benny Gantz took to Twitter on Thursday to condemn acts of violence against Palestinians.

“Today, in the weekly situational assessment, I directed the IDF to act systematically and without compromise, together with the Shin Bet and police, against any violence – against Palestinians, Jews and, of course, the security forces. We will work to cut off the phenomenons with all the means we have available.”

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