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Israeli jet downs Egyptian drone near southern border

An Israeli air force jet has shot down an Egyptian drone over Mount Saggi in the southern region of the Naqab, near the border with Egypt, the occupation army announced on Wednesday.

“The UAV was identified, monitored and intercepted after it crossed into Israeli airspace,” said an army spokesperson. “The incident is under review.” The drone was apparently shot down in full coordination with the Egyptian army.

An initial joint investigation, carried out by the Israeli and Egyptian armies, found that a malfunction led to a loss of control of the aircraft so that it crossed into Israeli airspace. According to Haaretz, the Egyptians were conducting an operation against Daesh in Sinai when it lost control of the unmanned aircraft.

Ynet News pointed out that the close ties between the two armies allows the Israeli and Egyptian regimes to cooperate closely in the Sinai region against Daesh and cross-border smuggling.

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