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Israel using Morocco to attack Algeria, analysts warn

Israel is responsible for a recently bombing, which targeted civilians in an area near the Western Sahara on Sunday, while Morocco was “merely a tool” in the operation, analysts have said.

Algerians denounced the bombing, while the number of victims is as yet unclear.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry confirmed the incident yesterday, saying it was a “direct assassination using advanced military weapons by the Kingdom of Morocco, outside its internationally recognised borders, carried out against innocent civilians and nationals of three countries in the region.”

This, it added, was “state terrorism”, as well as “extrajudicial executions”, and the UN must hold those responsible to account.

The statement also warned of “adventurism” that results from the expansionist goals of Morocco, which it said challenges the United Nations Security Council as well as undermines the peace efforts led by the Secretary-General’s envoy, Staffan de Mistura.

Akram Khareef, a military expert, said the ministry confirmed the operation but gave no clear details of where the attack happened or whether Algerian citizens were among the dead or injured.

Algeria: Morocco bombing convoys on its border with Mauritania

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