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Israel police seize smuggled grenades at Lebanon border

A joint Israeli military-police operation has reportedly foiled an attempt to smuggle grenades and firearms from Lebanon last night suspected to be by Hezbollah.

According to Israeli police, 100 fragmentation grenades and two rifles were discovered in a bag left at the border by two suspects who approached the fence from the Lebanese side.

“The suspicion is that they were intended to be used to carry out terrorist attacks,” the police said in a statement.

“The fact that fragmentation grenades were seized, an unusual weapon that has not yet been seized, raises the suspicion that they were intended to carry out attacks against crowded civilian places,” the statement added.

No arrests have been made, but security officials are currently investigating whether Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement was involved in the smuggling attempt.

Hezbollah, the police claim, “works through Israeli criminals to bring weapons into Israeli territory and ensures that at least some of them will be used for terror activity, thus trying to create an infrastructure for terrorism in Israeli territory.”

According to the Israeli police, since the beginning of this year, the Northern District Unit seized 148 pistols, 23 assault rifles, and drugs worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

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