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Israel-Hater Imani Oakley Crushed In Democratic Primary

Remember New Jersey congressional hopeful Imani Oakley, an Israeli hater who last year got duped by Rabbi Linda Goldstein, a parody Twitter account imitating a ‘Woke’ rabbi in Gaza?

Things have gone from bad to worse for her, after she got only 11% of the vote in her Democratic Primary.

Bonus humiliation: she lost to Rep. Donald Payne Jr., an Israel supporter who managed to get a whopping 83% of the vote, despite an embarrassing Zoom mishap last year.

The New Jersey Globe projects that Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-Newark) has won the Democratic primary in the 10th congressional district, defeating challenger Imani Oakley. As of 10:53 p.m., Payne had 83% of the vote to Oakley’s 11%, with minor candidate Akil Khalfani in third at 5%.

Payne, the son and successor of former Rep. Donald Payne Sr. (D-Newark), skated by for years as an under-the-radar representative with no real opposition from either party. But after an embarrassing incident last summer in which he attended a Zoom congressional hearing in his underwear, the congressman changed course.

No word yet on whether her public display of dumbassery lost her votes.

At least she has ‘Rabbi Linda’s’ support!

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