Israel assassinates former Syrian security prisoner – report

A Syrian man who spent time in an Israeli prison in the past due to terror activities was killed in Syria at the end of last week, according to Syrian reports on Saturday evening.

While initially his death was thought to have been the result of an Israeli airstrike in Syria over the weekend, a Syrian news agency reported that he was shot and intentionally assassinated.

The man, whose name is Madhat al-Salah, lived in the Mas’ada village in the Golan before he was arrested for trying to kidnap an IDF soldier in 1985 and sentenced to 12 in prison.

Al-Salah crossed the border to Syria after he was released from prison in 1997 and was voted into the Syrian parliament a few years later where he dealt with Golan affairs and Syrian citizens living in the Golan, according to a report from Walla.

According to N12, al-Salah spent four years as the representative of the Golan in the Syrian parliament and then became head of the office that keeps track of Syrian citizens that still live in the Golan.

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