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IDF Warriors Series: Episode 5 – Any Car is Exposed to Anti-Tank Fire or Snipers

What does it take to become a combat soldier in the Israeli army? How does it change you? Join four Israeli soldiers on their long quest to be all they can be. Previously: Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

We encounter the soldiers in the midst of a military operation near Gaza. Eviatar and Ran are busy securing routes and defending towns while rockets and mortars whizz by over their heads; Yosef undergoes training as a Namer APC machine gunner, while Roi, “Benda”, is back home, where he has to deal both with the threat of rockets and a troublesome shoulder dislocation that casts doubt over his continued combat duty service.

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I document daily events in Israel relating to many aspects and situations. I also monitor Arab media sources and show footage that most Israeli media do not even show. Telegram channel

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