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Hamas condemns ‘criminal’ PA security attack on An-Najah University students

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Tuesday condemned the “criminal” attack carried out by Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security services against Palestinian students at An-Najah National University in the West Bank.

“The criminal assault carried out against a peaceful student protest at An-Najah University by security guards from the university and the PA is an unacceptable and reprehensible act by thugs,” a statement disclosed.

The statement added: “The administration of the university, which took a biased stance against the law and student activism, bears full responsibility for such actions.”

In the statement, Hamas stressed: “We reiterate the necessity for all inciters and those involved in the attack on the students to be held accountable.”

Hamas, whose members are targets for both Israeli and PA security campaigns, also asserted: “Anyone who enforces a security agenda violates Palestinian values and national and student interests.”

Concluding its statement, Hamas called on the Palestinian national and Islamic factions to assume their role in protecting An-Najah National University, and all educational institutions, and protect the freedom of student activism.

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