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Hamas calls for boycott of Israeli universities over involvement in occupation 

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has called on academics and universities around the world to boycott Israeli universities over their involvement in the occupation of Palestine, illegal settlements and aggression against Palestinian land and people.

“Hamas condemns the decision of the Zionist University Presidents’ Committee to recognise the so-called ‘Ariel’ settlement college as a university within its membership,” said Dr Abdel Latif Al-Qanou, an official spokesman of the movement. “We consider this decision to be an outrageous reinforcement of the occupation state’s colonial-settlement and Judaisation policy, and a blatant encroachment on our Palestinian land.”

The committee’s decision, added Al-Qanou, makes the universities and the Zionist education system complicit in settler-colonialism and the theft of Palestinian land. “This is a violation of all international laws and charters that condemn and reject colonial settlement expansion at the expense of Palestinian land.”

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