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Gaza’s new lifeguards are put through their paces

Gaza has just completed tests for new lifeguards ahead of the summer beach season.

The Ministry of Local Government tested 1,000 lifeguards who applied to fill some of the 400 positions, manning the coast across the Strip where swimming is permitted.

The interview process and First Aid make up 30 per cent of the test, while the majority – 70 per cent – is made up of physical activities.

Candidates are split into groups and those who complete the obstacles the fastest are chosen for the jobs as accuracy and speed are vital to saving lives.

The test includes a 100-metre sprint along the beach, a 200-metre swim to a floating object which must then be returned to shore.

Gaza’s coastline extends 40 kilometres, but not all the area is suitable for swimming, as sewage is also pumped into the sea in places. The beach provides the besieged Palestinians in the Strip their main social outlet.

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