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Gantz calls on Blue and White members not to join a Likud coalition

Israeli media have reported that Defence Minister Benny Gantz called yesterday on Knesset members from his Blue and White party alliance not to be tempted by the opposition to join a Likud-led coalition in a bid to avoid a snap election. With the collapse of the latest coalition government in Israel, the country is facing its fifth General Election in less than four years.

“In the upcoming hours, and days, you will receive many offers for collaboration from the opposition,” Gantz was quoted as saying by Ynet. “I ask you not to cooperate nor to discuss such scenarios, and reject every offer you receive.”

According to the Times of Israel, the Blue and White chairman wrote to his party alliance’s members “beseeching” them “not to cooperate or discuss various fruitless scenarios, and to rebuff any offer that reaches you.” He added that his party is preparing for the election.

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