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Family of murdered Palestinian activist call for international donors to stop funding PA

Family of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat, who was murdered last year, yesterday called on international donors to stop funding the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s institutions, a statement said.

Nizar Banat was beaten to death by the PA’s Protective Apparatus last year. Under international pressure, the PA began prosecuting 14 of its security officers. However, on Tuesday it was revealed that they had been released from custody despite a decision by the military court to keep them detained.

Director of the Musawa Centre for Human Rights, Ibrahim Al-Barghouthi, said the PA’s Military Prosecutor claimed that they had been released due to the spread of COVID-19.

The family blamed PA President Mahmoud Abbas for the consequences on civil safety and security of the release of the men. It went on to called on international donors to stop funding the PA’s security services which “torture, abuse and kill” Palestinians.

The family stressed that sending money to the PA makes states complicit in the “killing and torture” of Palestinians.

It added that it is heading to the international tribunals to prosecute the PA and its security services for Banat’s killing.

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