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Egypt and Saudi Arabia have mutual understanding on ‘regional threats’

Egypt said on Tuesday that talks between President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman reflected a “mutual understanding” about efforts to confront regional threats to security and stability, Anadolu has reported. The agency said that Al-Sisi met Bin Salman in Cairo where the Egyptian president reiterated his country’s commitment to the security of the Gulf region as an extension of Egypt’s own national security.

“There is joint eagerness to move forward towards further deepening and developing the relations of the two countries,” affirmed Al-Sisi.

The de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia said that his visit to Egypt was to consolidate their “distinguished” relationship. “It is important to continue coordination, intensive consultation and an exchange of views between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to address the challenges and crises facing the Arab nation,” he stressed.

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A statement from the president’s office in Cairo pointed out that Al-Sisi and Bin Salman also agreed on the importance of the upcoming summit to be hosted by Saudi Arabia on 16 July. “This will be attended by Gulf Cooperation Council leaders, and the heads of state of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the United States.”

Bin Salman concluded his visit to Egypt on Tuesday as part of a regional tour that also includes Jordan and Turkiye. A host of economic and trade agreements worth $7.7 billion were signed between Egypt and Saudi Arabia during the visit, which saw Al-Sisi and Bin Salman meet for the second time in three months.

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