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Arab MK files request to probe attack on Arab primary school students in Yafa

Arab MK Sami Abu Shehadeh yesterday filed an urgent request to Israel’s Internal Security Minister to probe a “racist” attack on Arab primary school students in Yafa, Arab48 reported.

The Arab primary school students were attacked while on their way home after taking part in a meeting with students from another school.

According to Arab48, the little students had stones thrown at them and were insulted with racist chants.

Abu Shehadeh called for conducting an “immediate investigation into the continuous incitement that Arabs and Palestinians are subjected to in Israel.”

He stressed on the importance of holding those responsible accountable in order not to give room for repetition of such attacks.

“Racism in Israel has been increasing and it developed to the degree of targeting students of a primary school just for being Arabs,” Abu Shehadeh said, stressing that this would not have happened if the Israeli police dealt properly with similar incidents previously.

“We will continue our work using all possible means despite the complicity of the police with the racist criminals,” he said.

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