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Al-Quds University calls for creating donor alliance to support Jerusalem

Participants in the annual meeting of Al-Quds University’s board yesterday called for the formation of an Arab, Islamic and international donor alliance to support the occupied city of Jerusalem, Anadolu reported.

The annual meeting lasted three days and was held in the Turkish city of Istanbul with Palestinian, Arab and Muslim scholars from different Arab and Muslim countries participating.

According to Anadolu, the participants called for affording economic support for the healthcare, education and youth sectors in the holy city, as well as creating a civil planning unit to supervise providing residence for Jerusalem’s residents.

During the meetings, the participants praised the only Palestinian university which has its campus in Jerusalem and has been successful in offering academic and social services to the people, as well as supporting Jerusalemites.

The board of the university was not able to convene and host regional and international guests inside on campus due to the Israeli occupation’s restrictions.

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