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9 killed in tribal clashes in Iraq

Nine people, including a soldier, were killed yesterday during two separate tribal clashes in southern Iraq, security sources said.

“Six people, including a soldier, were killed during a clash that erupted between two tribes over ownership of agricultural land in the Uzair district, south of Amarah in the southeastern province of Maysan,” said Saad Al-Zaidi, police spokesman for the area.

Al-Zaidi added that “the soldier was on leave when the clashes erupted.”

Maysan, which is located near the border with Iran, witnesses frequent security tension due to tribal disputes, settling political scores and drug smuggling.

In a separate incident, Police Lieutenant Ali Hussein Al-Saray said three brothers were killed and three others were wounded when a violent brawl erupted between two families from the same clan as a result of a competition to marry a woman, south of Baghdad.

The tribal system is deeply rooted in Iraq, especially in rural areas and Shia- dominated provinces in southern Iraq.

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