30 funniest soccer situations from the last decade

Soccer is one of the most popular sports, so it is obvious that many people are watching the games enjoying not only the players’ technique but also some impressive moments. Here is the article that mentions 30 funniest situations that happened in soccer during the last decade.

1. Michy Batshuayi hit the ball that got right to his face.

Just look at the video to see how Michy hit the ball that got to the face accidentally; it looks funny but pretty hurtful.

2. Ashley Young said an «F» word and it was obvious.

Of course, Ashley didn’t prove that fact but everyone saw it.

3. Steven Gerrard got a red card only 38 seconds after he came to the field.

Steven was sitting on the bench during the match against Manchester United in 2015. Finally, Gerard was allowed to come to the field but 38 seconds later he got a red card and needed to leave.


4. Steven Gerrard gifted a goal to Chelsea.

Once Steven said to his teammates: “This doesn’t slip now!” 7 days later he slipped and gifted opponents a goal. As a result, Liverpool lost the chance to win the Premier League, however, that situation looked ironic.

5. Dramatical fall of Louis van Gaal.

Several situations Louis made would be remembered by the audience forever.

For example, during the match against Arsenal, he dramatically fell to the deck as he wanted to get a point so badly.

6. Fernando Torres made an open goal miss.

Fernando Torres was one of the best Liverpool players, but then he was bought by Chelsea. However, when he started to play for the new team he made one of the worst open-goal misses ever which was sad and funny at the same time.

7. Neil Warnock always acted weird.

Just look at his funny videos to understand how strange and funny he is.

8. Joey Barton was punching opponents.

Manchester City was playing against Queens Park Rangers on the finals of the 2011/12 season. Barton became emotional and decided to elbow Carlos Tevez. The judge showed Joey a red card, but instead of leaving Barton kicked Sergio Aguero and tried to punch Mario Balotelli.

9. Phil Jones’ way of living.

Phil Jones always made weird face impressions, handballed his overhead kicks… Just read more about him.

10. Devastating victory of Germany against Brazil.

The whole match between 2 countries is memorable because that was the worst Brazil team performance, as they lost in the semi-final stage to Germany with a 1-7 score.


11. Referee Andre Marriner showed a red card to the wrong person.

That was an extremely funny moment in the soccer history, as referee Andre Marriner showed a red card to Kieran Gibbs for handball playing, although that thing was made by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

12. Joleon Lescott’s post on Twitter and stupid excuse.

Joleon Lescott made a post on Twitter showing his new expensive Mercedes-Benz. After that, he said that that tweet was created accidentally as he was just driving his car and the phone made a photo itself. Hard to believe though.

13. Unlucky somersault throw-in.

Imagine this extraordinary situation. Milan Mohammadi’s team was losing 1-0 to Spain during the World Cup. It was the last minute of the match, and suddenly Milan got a chance to save his team, he just needed to do a throw-in. But he decided to do a somersault throw-in which he needed to abort later.

14. Newcastle fan got into prison after punching a horse.

If someone decides to beat a horse, it is not normal. But the situation that happened with the Newcastle fan was funny, however, he got into the prison for a year. That man punched someone in the horse costume and then he needed to pay for it giving away his freedom.

15. Wayne Shaw decided to eat a pie during the match.

Wayne Shaw was a goalkeeper of Sutton United. He became famous because of his weird action: he decided to eat a pie during the match. Later it was proven that Wayne did it because he created a deal with a bookmaker. As a result, Shaw was fined and banned for 2 months.

16. Wayne Rooney became extra famous because of his weird tweets.

Just check his Twitter posts to understand how strange they were.

17. Manager Alan Pardew attacked David Meyler.

It is always weird to see how managers can beat players.


Such a situation happened between Pardew and Meyler. As a result, Pardew needed to pay a fee of £100,000.

18. Big Sam started to laugh at Chico Flores.

Big Sam saw how Chico Flores dived in front of him and started to laugh so much, he couldn’t even stop. That situation caused a new meme.

19. Paul Scholes offended Robbie Savage during the Live TV.

Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a «stupid person» in slang when so many people were watching the live. It was stupid but legendary.

20. Gary Neville made a goalgasm sounds after his teammate made a goal.

Fernando Torres made his teammates really happy when he made an impressive goal which allowed Chelsea to get to the Champions League final. Gary Neville became really emotional and he created a weird sound that is called «goalgasm» now.

21. Jose Mourinho’s said a famous phrase.

After his team lost, Jose said that he would prefer not to speak, because if he would do that, he would get into serious troubles. That phrase became a popular quote and meme.

22. Mike Dean’s actions.

Mike created multiple extraordinary things… No need to talk, just look and see everything by yourself.

23. Alex Song decided that it was his trophy although it wasn’t.

Barcelona won La Liga in 2013 and the team captain Carles Puyol decided to bring the trophy over teammates to give it to cancer survivor Eric Abidal.

Alex Song who wasn’t really the best Barcelona player decided that Carles was giving that trophy to him. Can you imagine something more awkward and funny?

24. Tottenham fan became the manager of his favorite team for some minutes.

Tim Sherwood was Tottenham’s manager when his team was winning 3-0 over Aston Villa.

A fan advised some substitutions and told it would be great to let some young players try themselves on the field. Sherwood unexpectedly offered that fan to sit in his spot for a while. The man was shocked but extremely proud.

25. Jurgen Klopp broke the glasses and couldn’t see anything.

Jurgen Klopp became a Liverpool manager and was very emotional during his team’s match against Norwich City. Jurgen was so happy because of the goal that his glasses were broken. He couldn’t take another glasses though as it was impossible to find glasses without glasses. So ironic!

26. Eden Hazard hit a ball boy.

Charlie Morgan who was a ball boy was unexpectedly kicked by Eden Hazard during a League Cup match. Hazard thought he was kicking the ball but he made a mistake.

27. Weird banners were a thing.

In the 2010s weird banners were really popular. Once Manchester United fans made a banner with the phrase «Wrong One – Moyes Out». Later some Arsenal fans created 2 more banners showing their disagreement.

28. Arda Turan threw a boot at a referee.

There was a match when Arda Turan became mad, as a result of which he just threw a boot at the assistant referee!

29. Peter Walton’s face became popular.

When Tottenham won the Premier League, Peter Walton was shown on the screen, and his reaction was priceless which made him truly famous.

30. Harry Kane’s extraordinary goal.

Harry Kane scored an impressive goal. He faced a free-kick moment and created a weird howler.

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